02 October, 2014
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Alexie sneaked in a quickie on me. I didn’t see this till now, however, Alexie guested on an episode of the TNT series LEGENDS starring the former Game of Thrones star Sean Bean. Alexie’s role was a small one playing Special Agent Serena Milloy, Diplomatic Security, U. S. State Department. Whoa, sounds really governmental-ish. She looked lovely as usual. My gosh she’s tall and in heels she’s positively Amazonian.


 13 August, 2014
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We here at ALEXIE GILMORE ONLINE would like to express our greatest condolences to the family and friends of the great actor Robin Williams. Robin did a film with Alexie and director/actor Bobcat Goldwait called WORLD’S GREATEST DAD where Alexie had this to say about the great comedian:

“Robin was so gracious. You can get steamrolled when you’re working with people of that magnitude, but Robin always wanted to make sure I had my moments, too.”

Having watched Robin since the 70s on the ABC show Mork & Mindy (I could tell you a funny story about babysitting and Mork), I remember religiously sitting down each week to see what this amazing comedian would come up with. I knew there was something manic about him, but enormously endearing. Mork just wasn’t a character in a television comedy, he was Williams. An alien in a land that didn’t understand his brand of humour…but I did. I then watched as this man bent himself into whatever film he starred in to become a genie, a penquin, a psychiatrist, a stalker, you name it. Robin Williams was a great man and will be sorely missed. Not only was he a great man, but he was also an amazing humanitarian. After the accident that paralyzed actor Christopher Reeve, Williams paid all the mounting doctor’s bills Reeve and his late wife Dana accumulated trying to help Reeve overcome his disability. He also helped through Comic Relief to help raise money for the homeless. Robin also gave support to America’s troops, AIDS awareness…. The tributes coming out from across the spectrum of America’s strata aren’t just lame or empty platitudes, they’re heartfelt and heartbreaking for a man who made hearts grow and be a little kinder in light of his energy and dedication to what he did and those he made laugh. I’ll miss you Robin and whatever else you might have done in your next 63 years. As Lovelace once said, “You did everything penquinly possible….” Could we even hope to do as much as you did or give as much as you did over your short time on this earth? I don’t think so. Some hearts just aren’t that huge.

 28 June, 2014
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I wanted to let you know that I’ve renewed ALEXIEGILMORE.ORG for another year. So we’ll be around to bring you the latest news on Alexie’s work for more months to come. If you love Alexie, please feel free to come back often. Thanks to all who have visited and to those who will hopefully visit. It’s been a pleasure.

 26 June, 2014
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I have a really good interview with WILLOW CREEK director Bobcat Goldwait. Nothing really about Alexie except for the mention she’s in the film. Enjoy.

How to Scare People

Willow Creek: Bobcat Goldthwait Has a Bigfoot for You

BIGFOOT ARE GIANT APE-MEN who live at the fringes of our so-called civilization, and when one eats you, no one will believe it. So learn Kelly (Alexie Gilmore) and Jim (Bryce Johnson) in Willow Creek when they visit the notorious “Patterson-Gimlin site,” where, in 1967, two men claimed to have filmed Bigfoot.

Willow Creek is a mostly improvised found-footage horror movie that was shot on location—combined with the talents of Gilmore and Johnson and director Bobcat Goldthwait, that sparseness lends the film a surprising level of intensity. Goldthwait’s mostly known for comedies, but his past directorial work (like World’s Greatest Dad and God Bless America, along with episodes of Chappelle’s Show and Maron) boasts a keen eye for discomfort. He uses it to excellent effect in Willow Creek.

MERCURY: How did the project get started?
BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT: Well, I knew I wanted to do a Bigfoot movie, and then when I actually went to Willow Creek, I changed my ideas. Originally I was going to do a comedy, but then it just seemed to lend itself to doing a suspense movie.

I didn’t want to do a movie that was making fun of people who believed in Bigfoot. I consider myself a weirdo and an outcast, so I’m not about to pick on other people who are perceived that way. The goal was to try to make these people believable and characters you empathize with before terrible things happen to them. I think a lot of [horror directors] almost seem to resent the characters, and I wanted you to care about them.

How remote were the locations? Were you out in the middle of nowhere?

Oh my god, we actually went to the Patterson-Gimlin site, so we were. The town [Willow Creek] is 11 hours from LA, and then when you get to Bluff Creek, it’s about a two-and-a-half-hour drive down a 17-mile dirt road. So there’s nothing around. We saw mountain lions when we were filming. There was no craft service or hotel or anything like that.

I thought, “Why are we filming this out in the middle of the woods? We should just do this in a hotel parking lot.” But I knew that in order to get the audio right that we’d have to do it out [there]. A lot of the sounds you hear in the movie were recorded live. Subconsciously, you’re not even aware of it, but the absence of planes or faintly heard traffic really added to the suspense.

There were only about 70 edits in the whole movie. There’s always someone turning the camera on or turning it off. I always have a problem with edited found-footage movies, because who “found” this? Just a creep who said “Hey, that’s sad your family died, but if we re-edit it there’s a tremendous picture here.”

Coming from a comedy background, what did you learn shooting a horror film?
That making people laugh and scaring them are really similar. There’s the misdirect, you know? You laugh at something because it’s not happening the way you’d perceive it would happen. Your mind tries to jump ahead. Turns out scaring people is the same thing. You set ’em up and then you make a twist.


 30 April, 2014
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A really good review on Alexie’s film WILLOW CREEK. Read on.

Willow Creek Well-honed horror from former stand-up Bobcat Goldthwait

Source: The List
Date: 29 April 2014
Written by: Matt Glasby

They say there are no second acts in American life – then there’s Bobcat Goldthwait. A stand-up comic most famous for playing helium-voiced punk Zed in Police Academy 2 (1985), Goldthwait has since been busy making sly, often filthy, indie films such as World’s Greatest Dad (2009) and God Bless America (2011). And for his next trick? A found-footage horror about Bigfoot, of course.

Willow Creek is also a film of two acts, the first sunny and (seemingly) loose, the second precision-tooled for maximum creepiness. Holidaying couple Jim (Bryce Johnson) and Kelly (Alexie Gilmore) are on a sasquatch hunt around Bluff Creek, California (where the famous 1967 Bigfoot footage was shot), capturing their findings on camera.

To begin with their trip follows the format established by The Blair Witch Project (1999). Encountering eccentric locals (often non-actors) aplenty, they – and we – mock their small-town superstitions, while ignoring repeated warnings not to venture into the woods. ‘It’s not a joke,’ says an angry local. ‘You shouldn’t go there.’ But go they do and, well, you know the rest.

Except you don’t. Unlike most found-footage characters, Kelly and Jim are a charming, convincing couple. They’ve also brought a tripod, so their film is surprisingly easy on the eye. Goldthwait has some tricks up his sleeve, too, not least an astonishing 19-minute static shot of the couple in their tent, becoming increasingly terrified, as something stomps around outside.

It’s at this point you realise that nothing here is accidental. Though it feels improvised, this is a well-honed work, with details laughed off in the daylight becoming spookily significant once darkness falls. Funny, scary and over in less than 80 minutes, Willow Creek is so much better than it needs to be; it might be the start of a second act for the genre itself.

Limited release from Fri 2 May.


 28 April, 2014
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I have a couple of things for you from Alexie’s BELIEVE episode. I have a couple of HQ stills as well as a couple of on set HQ images.



 27 April, 2014
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And Alexie’s gifts just keep giving. Another heartwrenching perofrmance from Alexie. This time in the NBC show ,strong>BELIEVE. Her scenes with the little girl Johnny Sequoyah where pretty tear inducing. I know she almost did it to me. Damn you Alexie. Ironically her name was Sarah in this episode. Seems she cannot get away from that name. Where else did her character go by that name? That’s right, NEW AMSTERDAM. The was such a good show, and she did it with The Kingslayer from Game of Thrones.


 27 April, 2014
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Finally something to report as far as Alexie is concerned. I have some screencaps from an episode of CASTLE she did back in February. She was heartbreaking. She played a woman who thought she’d committed a murder. Thank goodness she didn’t do it. Did I say this was a spoiler free site? Nope.

  • [510] SCREENCAPS: CASTLE – E6X16 ROOM 147

 08 October, 2013
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I found an event Alexie attended from back in 2009. Alexie is looking radiant as always.



 06 October, 2013
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Bobcat Goldthwait is showing WILLOW CREEK at the Syracuse Film Festival. The film stars Alexie as part of a couple who go into the infamous woods to try to find proof of the bipedal creature. The article to fallow.

Bobcat Goldthwait shows ‘Willow’ Creek’ at Syracuse film festival

Writer-director Bobcat Goldthwait’s movie “Willow Creek” is screened during the Syracuse International Film Festival on Saturday, October 5, 2013, at the Palace Theater. Appearing on screen are actors Alexie Gilmore and Bryce Johnson.